06 September 2005

Why David sometimes takes me to group events

David and I went on a little nature stroll with a naturalist from the Audobon Naturalist Society and about a dozen other people. I call it a "nature stroll" because if the point is to admire the flora and fauna, then you don't walk very fast or very far. In fact, I don't think that we actually really got out of sight of the parking area, but that's not the point.

So, anyway, we're admiring a Silky Dogwood and its lovely blue berries and Stephanie is teaching us about it Socratically (i.e., by asking questions). She tells us many cheerful facts about Silky Dogwood and points out that it is a member of the nightshade family* and asks, "so what would eat this?"

"Um, wealthy, elderly relatives?" said the girl who grew up reading mystery stories.

For a more grown-up, mature account of the day, see David's post on the subject.

*as are potatoes and eggplant.


Casey Jones said...

I take it you're the girl that grew up on mystery novels?

David Gorsline said...

Um, actually it was the groundcherry (genus Physalis) growing under the dogwood that is in the nightshade family.

Maureen said...

Learned something new from your blog, again. Hitherto, I was only aware of one edible - the tomato - that was in the nightshade family.