07 October 2005

I'll have what he's having

Robert Siegel on NPR today interviewed Charles Martell regarding having his cheese - Stinking Bishop - mentioned in the new Wallace and Gromit movie.

Wow. Charles Martel.

It may be a smelly cheese, but if it can grant nearly eternal life, I'm having some.

Sure, he's had to stay under the radar - he's added an "l" to Martel, moved to Gloucestershire, and lost his accent, but in an obvious nod to history geeks everywhere, he kept the name that he's carried all these centuries.

Forget the Stilton, pass the Stinking Bishop.

1 comment:

Brett said...

There were many old people in the village we lived in that I am convinced are older than Chuck. I suspected they were subsisting on just sucking the blue veins from the Stilton cheese made in the village.