23 February 2006

Oh my.

Studies have shown that there are three ways to shut me up:

1. Take me on a long car trip. Odds are that I will be asleep not long after we're on a major highway. Although I have talked in my sleep, I don't do it long or often.

2. Really tick me off. Of course, when I start talking again, one pays a very high price for a little silence.

3. Give me an award. When I found out that "Perfectly Good Airplanes" won the Maryland festival and that I won an award for directing it, all I could say for about the next ten minutes was "Oh my." The review of "I Never Sang for My Father" in the Post this morning reduced to me "Oh my G-d" for about 15 minutes. I so lost focus that I had to remind myself that pantihose goes on before shoes when I was getting dressed.

Oh my.


MacDurk said...

Galvanizing, tough and fearless woman - wow, you are good! Congratulations!

Casey Jones said...

Wow. *Wow.* Now that is a review. Can't wait to see it.

I got one question: When you accepted your award-- Did you thank the person who showed you the script? :)

Brett said...

Great job! I missed that when it was printed, really glad to see that they appreciate your talent. I may have to start paying attention to the Post again.

Vig said...

I was so pleased to read your review in the post that I said: "That's the friend I'm going to meet on Sunday!"

All the best!

Stacey said...

Lovely review!!! You deserve it!

Anonymous said...

Yay! My question is, when you accept the award, will you thank the person who got you into local community theater in the first place? ;)