30 June 2006

Imperiling our geezer cred

David and I watched what I called the epilogue to "The Office" last night and while he was getting the DVD loaded, a video was finishing up on whatever channel he'd left the cable. After a few seconds, I asked "Is that Nick Lachey?" David thought it was and a few seconds after that the end credit for the video confirmed it.

While I am certainly disturbed that I could recognize the former Mr. Simpson, the really scary part is that I did it in under 5 seconds. It takes me longer than that to recognize some of my relatives.

I'm thinking that I'll have to put in some time getting back into my geezer zone - I'll work on saying things like "these kids today!" and "back when I was a girl..." (as though I had been rendered gender-neutral during the great march of time).

Nick Lachey. Good grief.


Casey Jones said...

A few uses of 'whippersnapper' ought to snap you out of it.

'Til then, just wear your pants (or skirt) high above your waist and read the names of shops out loud when you pass by.

Maureen said...

Or say to one of your youngest colleagues, "I've been working here since before you were born." And heaven help you if it's true! I had this epiphany recently; a colleague announced her age and I realized I'd been working 3 years when she was born! Funny, I don't feel that old...

Jim A said...

You know I really don't know whether it is a good thing or a bad thing that when i IMDB'b Nick Lachey I was all "But he never played a character named Simpson."