19 September 2007

Sick but not leaving

When I told my Capital B Boss that I wasn't feeling too special and might not last out the day he pointed out that we already had three staffers on sick call and that all other leaves have been suspended until further notice.

So I told him if I felt the need to join them on sick call and he prevented me, then he would get 30-minute updates on my symptoms and why I will probably weigh less tomorrow than I did yesterday. (I didn't train under Brett for nothing. I understand how to retaliate and escalate as needed, I just don't usually deploy those weapons very often.)

A seasoned veteran in these campaigns, Capital B Boss then pointed out that I should follow the normal chain of command and report said symptoms to my Lowercase B Boss, who would decide how much detail Capital B Boss really required.

Lowercase B Boss, not wanting to hear anything, then indicated that as our reviews have not yet been finalized, I should think carefully about how much medical detail to bring him.

Even when I feel like crap, working here is so much better than working anywhere else.

And the crisis seems to have passed and I feel a bit better. Whew.

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