20 December 2007

My first Christmas Gift for 2007

Dad and Audrey have given an elephant! Or, a share of their elephant.

His name is Zurura and he comes to me (even as he stays in Africa) via The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust*, an organization that Audrey and Dad have supported ever since they learned about it.

I will get lovely watercolors of Zurura and Zurura will get to grow up healthy, cared for, and loved. As I did. And two of the people who ensured that I did gifted me with my own elephant.

Every year I look around my already full apartment and realize that I don't really need anything else. At the same time, I am greedy and love presents. So I have never really said officially "If you would like to give me a gift, please donate to an organization that helps those less fortunate than I am. I am already incredibly lucky to have the friends and family that I do, to life safe and warm, to have food - gluten-free food even! - and hobbies that I enjoy, a cat who behaves like he loves me, and so many more blessings than I can count." Especially as my friends and family pick out really good gifts that I didn't realize I needed until I owned them.

So while it isn't official yet and I'm never rejecting the lovely gifts that people give me (presents!!), I am delighted to receive my first member of what I'm calling Leta's family menagerie. Hoping to give me something something but can't think of what?

Well, here's my wish list.

And if you were considering messing with me in the future? Well, just remember that I have an elephant. And you don't.

*Of course, it's the David Sheldrick trust. Of course it is. The David Regime is subtle but implacable. Learn to enjoy being named David, all you men out there. Resistance is useless.

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