06 October 2008

Collateral benefits

For me: After making so many Lemon Almond Polenta cakes - at three eggs each - I've actually mastered the ability to crack an egg into a bowl one handed.

For the audience: I have to bring a complete cake for each performance, of which only slightly more than 1/4 is plated. So our lovely stage manager, Jason, slices and puts out the remainder in the refreshment area during intermission. Come to see the show and you might get to try the cake if you're quick enough.


Anonymous said...

I have heard wonderful things about this production and about you in particular! I'm out of town this weekend but I'm making plans to come see it either saturday the 18th, or the matinee on Sunday.

Break a leg!

Amy R.

Maureen said...

I think we've finally settled on a weekend (17/18) to come see the show. Now my question is, how do we make sure we get seats close to the cake at intermission?

dgorsline said...

Props to Jason for the lagniappe.

Time was, I could do the one-hand thing. But now eggs are not my best friends.

Leta said...

Seats on the low-numbered end of the aisle, like B-1 & B-2...

Looking forward to seeing all y'all!