29 December 2008

Out of the waste stream

David has started saving corks from wine bottles (and other spirits) for recycling. Feel free to give me yours to give to him or just send them on to Yemm & Hart who will make other nice cork things out of them.

Wine Cork Recycling
Yemm & Hart Ltd
425 North Chamber Drive
Fredericktown, MO 63645

This activity has a couple of fun side effects:

Cork recycling gives you a nice cheering sense of helping sustain bird (and other animal) habitat as you are sipping your Chardonnay or Shiraz; and

When your friends and family notice the volume of corks you have collected and ask how long it took to accumulate that many, you can glance at the bowl of, oh, 30 of them and say "Uhhh.... couple of weeks, I guess"* and then enjoy some quality time with your near and dear during the intervention.

*Of course, if the number is more like 50, then you'll want your answer to be "Uhhhh... couple of days, I guess." Try to keep your answer an inverse of the number of corks.


Maureen said...

But what to do with the non-cork corks? Hmm...

Hjalti said...

The best use is to use them as bicycle handlebar plugs. Works with both cork and non-cork stoppers.

Leta said...

Perfect! I can give the cork ones to David and the non-cork ones to Hjalti.

Of course, I'd have to see Hjalti to do that.... I mean, I could mail them to you, but seeing you would be ever so much nicer!