10 March 2009

Welcome on my team any time

Stage Managers come in as many varieties as any other group of people but we seem to get a lot of certain types:

Calm and organized;
Stressed and organized;
Chatty and disorganized;

Mike, our Stage Manager for Rehearsal for Murder is from the calm and organized pool. He calls less attention to himself than anyone else I've ever worked with in theater and I've yet to hear him snap at or be rude to anyone.*

On Saturday a bunch of us went to lunch and were joking about whether Director Chip would kill if we just hung out in the pretty weather for the rest of the day rather than return to the theater. I joked that Chip wouldn't kill us; he'd send Mike to kill us.

We thought about that for a second and then I said "And you know, if Chip did, Mike would be calm and he'd be pleasant and we'd be dead."

*Of course, the show doesn't close til early April and it ain't over 'til it's over, but we've already had two long tech working days.

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Michael Clark said...

Thanks for the kind words Leta. I think my job is to keep everyone safe, let the actors focus on acting, and be a part of the team putting on a great show. I have really appreciated everyone's professionalism so far, and the casts' acceptance even though I had to start the rehearsal process so late because of my previous show. See you tonight!