19 December 2009

Energy Circle

A common tradition in community theater - especially community theater involving children - is the "Energy Circle": the cast and crew gather together in a big circle and hold hands. After a few words about having a great show and maybe a suggestion about staying focused, the Director squeezes one of the hands s/he is holding. That person then squeezes the next person's hand and so on, sending the energy surge around the circle, all the way back to the person who started it.

My role in The Best Christmas Pageant Ever is playing one of the Church Ladies, a small group of women who serve as the critical, judgmental Greek Chorus. When the Director announced the Energy Circle and one of the Stage Managers came to round every one up, one of the other Church Ladies asked if that really included the adults. Yep.

So I told the Stage Manager that I would participate, but she should know by now that the real Energy Circle in my life is the rim of a Martini Glass.


Michael Clark said...

Does the Energy Circle "work?" I've been involved ( as a tech person, not an actor) with groups that did this, and it reminded of the game of Telephone. Does it actually focus you? Gets everyone to bond? I'm enough of an introvert I think this would rain my energy rather than increase it.

Anonymous said...

A lovely double martini, with two olives, made with Sapphire gin, for you, and may that be all the energy you need. Gwyn