31 August 2010

I think I could give her a run for her money

Mom gets the large print Reader's Digest every month and when she is done with them, she passes them on to me.  One of the highlights of RD, of course, are the little anecdotes that people send in, "Humor in Uniform," "Life in These United States," "Campus Comedy," etc.  Mostly I read them, smile, and move on.  But after all of the time that I have spent in theaters over the past few years, this one really caught my eye:

My young daughter loves to go to performances at the local high school, so when her brother was in a spelling bee, she happily came along.  But halfway through, she lost interest.  Leaning in to me, she whispered, "This is the most boring play I have ever seen."    
Angie Aiken, Alpharetta, Georgia.

I may have to recruit Ms. Aiken's daughter to be a WATCH judge on day.

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