09 August 2011

Everyday Words

I don't know if I found Words We Live By on my own or if David sent me the link but it's exactly the sort of thing that we flag for each other.  In this case, I'm not entirely sure that "Dwight Garner" isn't some kind of obvious pseudonym because there are entire bits in here that David could have written.  To wit:
My family recently moved to western New Jersey;* a bus trip is a convenient way to reach New York City. The surprises began when, aboard our early-morning Trans-Bridge bus, we decided to read together, for the first time, the small print on the back of our ticket stubs. 
On that street sign Singer’s name is spelled entirely in capital letters — in all-caps, as word people say. This turned out to be worth noticing. New York City is in the process of eliminating its all-caps street signs; they turn out to be less legible than those in upper- and lower-case. The New York Observer has called this sign-swapping project, due to be completed in 2018, a "$28 million copy edit."

And, of course, I have the hidden clue that the "also on the New York Times" box features a link to a story about boxed wine, David's current favorite way to be eco-friendly while imbibing.

Even Hamilton Burger could get a conviction on that kind of evidence.

*No, David doesn't live in New Jersey, nor does he have children.  I am assuming that those are merely corroborative detailintended to give artistic verisimilitude to an otherwise bald and unconvincing narrative

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