14 September 2011

Don't Throw the Past Away

I have an audition for another Irish play, Brian Friel's* Dancing at Lughnasa.  If I am cast, I will need an Irish accent for the weeks of rehearsals as well as the weekends of performance.  The chances of it not leaking into my every day conversation I leave as an exercise for the reader.

*If I say I have an audition for an Irish play, one can assume that I mean one by Brian Friel.  I am one of the few theater geeks I know who finds Martin McDonagh hard to take.  I'd much rather watch the crew do the clean up and reset all the blood squibs than actually watch The Lieutenant of Inishmore.


Gwyn said...

Marvelous! Let me know if I should knit you some of those mitts that the ladies are always working on in the play!

Leta said...

Oh, that would be wonderful!