11 November 2016

Meanwhile in America

I wear my freedom rings to say that I stand with my LGBTQ family, friends, neighbors, and strangers. I stand with them and want them to have all of the rights, privileges, and safety that I do.
I wear a safety pin on those rings to tell any woman of any religion, color, or nationality that I am a safe person to approach if they feel unsafe.
I attend a church that defies the idea that 11:00 Sunday morning is the most segregated hour in America.
This election changes none of those things, it only underscores my need for them.
To all my friends, liberal, conservative, and all others, I ask that we look to our best selves and our highest ideals, to listen to each other, and to encourage love and respect for all.
The future bends toward justice but we need to help prepare the way by how we treat each other.

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Brett said...

No one who has studied history at all thinks that the path of humanity will ever be easy and filled with comfort. We will be called to fight to make the world better every step of the way.