19 December 2005

Even if he reads the post, maybe he won't follow the link

David is rehearsing The Crucible (Coming soon to the Reston Community Players!) and, thus, has been researching the Salem Witch Trials and the brand of Puritanism practiced in that period. Well, saints and sinners preserve us, but look what I found a link for on Brett's webpage.

Sure, Christmas was only banned from 1659 to 1692, but Reston's website says that the Trials took place in 1662 - smack dab during The Grinch Times! And even if that gets corrected (as I suspect that it will - or - sigh - my own information will be corrected, dare I say pedantically.) perhaps David would have thought that Governor Danforth would be old school enough to shun the holiday. Or that the ban couldn't have been lifted in time for the purchasing and wrapping of really good presents! What if he returned all my Christmas presents in an effort to immerse himself in his character?!

Horrible. Too horrible.


David Gorsline said...

Thanks for the correction. There'll be a little something extra in your stocking, Little Cindy Lou.

Casey Jones said...

I say Christmas got off lucky, being banned for so short a number of years.

Heck, we're still not allowed to even MENTION X!#$%x*&. See? Can't even say the word. Like we're supposed to pretend nothing's wrong...