30 December 2005

A really great present

Okay, several years ago, I gave Charles and Samantha (this was pre-Garrett or he'd have gotten them, too) comfy long underwear for Christmas. In my defense, it was a cold, cold winter and the long underwear was really cute. Samantha's even had little pink flowers and everything. Nonetheless, I now must wander the earth carrying with me the knowledge that I am the kind of person who gives little children long underwear for Christmas. Bring on the 17 cats - it's my fate. I know.

I am also related to my mother's entire family, so it's possible that my idea of what constitutes a great present is somewhat skewed.


At Brett and Cate's on Boxing Day, Eileen presented me a cheerfully wrapped Wand of Brussels Sprouts, which I proudly displayed to the assembled company. Yes, I got a lovely twinset from David, and yes I got really nifty "bins" (binoculars to you poor, benighted, non-birding souls) from Dad & Audrey, and yes, I got tasty Godiva chocolates from Chort, but get real - these are actual, edible Brussels sprouts on a convenient, organic Shillelagh.

David and I had some that night and I had some more this evening. I lightly boiled them (as I currently lack a vegetable steamer) and then make them happy with butter, salt, and pepper. I also made some not bad gluten-free spiral pasta and a turkey cutlet with Filippo Berio olive oil* and lemon & herbs. I had an apple that was pretty much use or lose, so I chopped it into bite-size pieces and threw it in with the turkey. Ummmmmmm Yummmmm. (*I use Filippo Berio because a friend works for them. Someone should benefit from my rather profligate way with olive oil.)

I have probably 3 more servings of sprouts left, so I'll be having more soon.

Thanks, Eileen!!!

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Vig said...

Roast 'em! Olive Oil, lots of chunky salt, hot oven (425 should do). Roast until very dark brown (nearly black), about 30 minutes. Then eat them like french fries!

Happy New Year!