18 March 2006

I miss my blog!

Just testing the blog via e-mail feature. Gee, I hope this works out.

I've been working my leetle behind off at work lately (which I suppose is only fair) and coming home and crashing, so - as the loyal and devoted can see for themselves - there has been very little blogging. Which is such a shame because, as a rule, I have so very much to say and when I'm this busy David is my primary audience and I think his brain is going to start running out through his ears from all the prattle.

Therefore, I'm trying Blogger's handy not-so-new Blog Via E-mail. The sentence up top was sent from my e-mail account to Blogger. I typed up the deathless prose and mailed it to my Blogger account at --- oh, wait! That's supersecret! I'm not telling you! Because then just anyone who figured out the supersecret ID could post as me. And then the content of this blog might drastically improve, which would make the old stuff look bad. So none of that. It's my secret and I ain't telling.

So anyway, I sent the test message and then I went to Blogger and checked my posts list and it was there! Just waiting to be posted. Success!

This should work out just fine because while I've been too busy to blog, who is too busy to e-mail? I live for e-mail.

And now I'm off to do some of the other thing that I've been too busy to do lately -- clean my house.

Coming soon: More posts from Leta! And more Mogg!


Liza said...

Whoo! Whoo! More Blogging from Leta!

Maureen said...

I'm all for more Leta blogging.

"more Mogg"? what's "mogg"?

Anonymous said...

I figured someone had just pissed you off during a car ride after picking up an award. :-)


Vig said...