31 March 2006

I'd like to teach myself to sing

This is an official "I should be doing other things, so I think I'll type up a blog post" post.

What should I be doing? Let's see.....

1. Washing my hair so that it looks nice tomorrow. I won't have time tomorrow because I'll be getting up extra early.

2. Pulling scores from what I laughably consider my music library. I have one and half shelves of assorted G&S and other choral music, a couple broadway scores, and a fair bit of random sheet music. (F'rinstance, I have a lovely copy of "Nobody Loves a Fairy When She's Forty" that Larry gave me. As a birthday present.) Tonight I need to pull my scores for Pinafore, Princess Ida, and Patience. I've already pulled the Sorcerer score and printed out the Rose of Persia excerpts that I'll need.

3. Taking stuff out of the car that I don't need and putting into the car the things do I need. I've already found - and removed - an apple that clearly got lost under the seat quite some time ago.

4. (This is the big one.) Learning the damn music. I actually have been working on it this week, but only one song of the five in which I have solos sounds ready to sing in front of people that I like. Two more are about halfway there and the final two are ready to sing in front of.....no one. The best way for me to learn music to work on it with my music teacher, but she's been unavailable, so I've been working on my own, listening to the recordings and going over the printed music. I generally prefer not to work from recordings for the same reason that I don't model my theater performances on videos of other people's work, but I'm positive that the folks tomorrow would far rather hear my second-rate Marcia Bellamy or Claire Henry than experience what I would have done without them to lean on. (And while we're at it, a big thanks to Ann Hood, too!). As you go about your business tomorrow, spare a thought for the folks who will be hearing me sing. Send them your support, think kindly of them, and use your psychokenetic powers to prevent them from killing me. If they do kill me, you might as well alibi them, for they pushed to it, they truly were.

And now to work...


Maureen said...

Don't sell yourself short, girl. While we're neither of us ready for the Met, you're not going to send your listeners shrieking into the night, either. You're not exactly up in front of a hostile audience. And with your comic flair and knowledge of the material, I'm thinking they're gonna love you. After all, what's not to love, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

I'm soooo out of touch - are you in another sing-out?