19 April 2006

A couple of good reasons to go home early

The air conditioning is out at our office. Or at least working in a very minimal, lethargic kind of way. Which would be fine if the weather were damp and chilly as it was on Monday morning, but it's now a sunny and warm 75 degrees (which, according to Weather.com, feels like ... 75 degrees). Or rather, it's 75 degrees outside. Inside, here at my desk, it's 80 degrees, which is only 2 degrees cooler than Tempe, Arizona.

Remember when I was too cold because it was 60 degrees at my desk? Yes, I agree, there is no pleasing me sometimes.

The other fine reason to go home early is because the construction guys next door have accidentally (I can't believe they deliberately) cut a water main. The water was turned off to the building, bottles of water were delivered to the building's lobby desk, and two port-a-potties were set up in the alley.

A couple of thoughts on the port-a-potties: 1. I actually described the one I used as "nice" because it was clean; didn't smell like a port-a-potty; and had toilet paper. Kind of like how regular cells are nicer than the ones in lock-up. (But that's a story for another post.) 2. Considering that "our" port-a-potties" were sited in the alley and many of our staffers have a nice, clear view down there, I'm pretty grateful that said potties are completely enclosed, roofs and all. Much better not to see or be seen in that circumstance.

All-in-all, pretty well handled. And a definite shout out of thanks to the new building guy who is so much more on-the-ball than the two useless building guys he replaced. And he's pleasant instead of surly.

So why am I still at work if today is an excellent day to leave early (especially as it really is 75 degrees and sunny)? Because I am not going home after work, I'm meeting a fellow cast member at his house to run lines and there's no point in getting to his place before he does, especially not when I could be typing a blog post.

I'm sure that my fellow cast member believes that I have offered to help him run lines because of my dedication to the show and because I'm such a fine human being. Well, of course, both of those are true, but the other reason, the for-real reason is that he is A. lots of fun to hang out with, so why would I pass up that opportunity; and B. Scottish, so he talks with an accent so delightful that I could probably spend vast amounts of time just listening to him, especially if I am not required to answer intelligently. I don't normally get all gushy about UK accents, but a Scot and a Baritone? It's too much happiness.

Ooops, time to go!


Anonymous said...

There is no such thing as a clean Porta John. Trust me.

Plus when your office building lost water and thus the ability to have toilets you should have been sent home immediately. To stay open violates the occupancy certificate issued to the building.


Cuerden said...

HEh. You must come over to Edinburgh sometime, Leta. You'd love it here =)

-Adam Cuerden