13 August 2006

Now it's part of my process

I've been a Law and Order junkie for several years now. I'm pretty much commited to Classic L&O, but will watch L&O Sport Utility Vehicle now and again, so I'm familiar with Det. Olivia Benson as well as Lt. Anita Van Buren. And now I can put all that to good use. I've been cast as Detective Madeleine Beck in the Vienna Theatre Company's production of Boy Gets Girl.

"Beck" is in pretty much two scenes, so I'll have lots of time backstage to catch up on my reading. And because Andrea, who played Catherine Winslow, when I had a similarly-sized role in The Winslow Boy, is playing has-lines-on-every-damn-page Theresa, I can greet her the same way I did for our last outing together: <singsong> "You have to memorize more lines than me! Nah nah nee nah nah!"</singsong>.

But the take-away from this is that I'm now watching Law and Order as part of my research.

My last three directors have asked me not to cut my hair and it is now half-way down my back. I happy keep it this length or cut it, but the choice is Chuck's. I'm even willing to get the cut that Mariska Hargitay sports, even though it will require more hair maintenance each day than I normally do in a week.



Michael Clark said...

The director for The Time of Your Life asked me not to get a haircut until I do some readings with my fellow actor (I pretty much only interact with 2 people of the 25 person cast). My hair is driving me crazy, at this point I'm very ready to know what my hair should look like. Are there any web sites out there that show hairstyles from the past? The play takes place in 1939.

Casey Jones said...

Congratulations!! I can't wait to see it.

While we're on the topic of follicles-- my hair's never been longer. Love it. I'd cut it for "Urinetown" if I get cast... but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

Liza said...

We are also Law & Order junkies, and SUV (which is what I also call it) is our favorite. But after resisting it for at least a year, we are now even watching Criminal Intent.

That female lead is not as interesting a character as Olivia Benson, but we like the casting choice. She's less conventionally pretty than most TV women, which makes her interesting.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on another successful casting! I've been able to avoid L&O in any of its many iterations, which you should be happy about, since it is well known that I my fandom is a show killer.


Kathryn said...

At least you have a professional excuse to indulge in your favorite TV show. Gilmore Girls only helps me continue my ice cream eating habit.

If you end up cutting your hair, you should look into donating it. It makes a new haircut feel that much more rewarding!