17 September 2006

How she knows me

Last night I went to see "The Baby Dance," which Sara Joy directed, and in which McCall and Kim and Brian were performing. (Good production - yay, team!) Kim's cute daughter number 2 (Deanna) was serving as an usher and program hander-outer and when she recognized me hanging around the lobby, motioned me over. We got caught up (she's just started 4th grade, yeah, it's fun) and then she recognized her teacher. Being a young lady of good manners, Deanna began to introduce us.

"This is my teacher! And this is Leta! I know her from .... shows."

Which I thought was an impressively good save for a 9-year-old. During that ellipsis she must have mentally run through the entire catalogue of shows her extended family had participated in (a very large number - she is 3rd generation Theater-American) and come up blank because I've never actually shared a stage with anyone she is related to by blood or marriage. I'm sure Iwill someday, but I haven't yet, and until that day comes, Deanna has her useful answer to how she knows me.

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Maureen said...

"Theater-American" - I love it! :D And obviously very bright. But of course she knows you from shows - isn't that true of the overwhelming majority of the people you know? :)