24 September 2006

Lacing my sneakers again

In years past I have participated in the Multiple Sclerosis walk, an 8-mile jaunt down the C&O canal towpath. I raised, all told, probably about $2,500 to help fight a disease that has made my Mom's life much more difficult.

I won't give all the info on MS here (although you can find it here), but I think by now we all understand how debilitating MS can be. And in addition to Mom, my cousin Kathy, my friend Greykell, and others I know deal with the effects of MS everyday.

Mom and I used to do the walk together, back when that was still possible for her.

One year I did the walk the day after opening night of a show. I got up bright and early, did the walk, went home and put my feet up for a bit, then went to the theater and did the show in 3" heels.

And one year the walk was scheduled the same day as Maureen's wedding, so I arrived at the start at Great Falls at 8:00 AM, walked the 8 miles, met Les at the end point at Glen Echo at 10:15, changed in the ladies room into wedding guest wear, and Les and I sped off across two counties to be at Maureen's wedding by 11:00.

A few years ago, Stacey and some other friends formed Team Greykell and registered for the Big Walk - the MS Challenge 3-Day Walk. If there's one in your area, you've heard the ads on the radio: "3 Days, 50 Miles, Closer to a Cure." Here in 2006 they are still going strong and this year, I'm joining them. I can't do the whole walk, but I can volunteer for a day. I'm taking September 29th off of work and volunteering for Day 1 of the walk. Doing what, I don't yet know, but doing something.

And I'd like your support. Team Greykell has a fund-raising challenge and as a member of Team Greykell, I'm now part of that challenge. Mom has written a check and I contributed to Cate's share of the challenge before I decided to join the team, but the MS folks would like me to raise $1,500 (or, of course, more). If you can't send money, I'll happily accept good wishes. But money is always nice....


Maureen said...

Funny you should mention Team Greykell. Several of the Rude Mechanicals did the 150-mile MS bike ride earlier this year, also as Team Greykell. Try http://chickenhat.livejournal.com/2006/06/09/ for a look at their spiffy logo.

I've got rehearsals all that weekend, but since you'll "settle" for monetary contributions, e-mail with contribution instructions.

Maureen said...
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Maureen said...

I see there's now a spiffy logo (http://chickenhat.livejournal.com/) for the Walk which links to the MS Walk site - made it easy to donate.

Here's hoping you make your goal!

Leta said...

That's because some of the Rude Mechanicals are part of my college crowd - Constantia knows Greykell, but then, everyone knows Greykell or knows someone who knows her.
And here's the direct link to Team Greykell http://events.msandyou.org/site/TR?team_id=1220&pg=team&fr_id=1030

Hjalti said...

Best of luck this weekend!

Anonymous said...

Although I'm a financial supporter of Team Greykell, I won't be able to come cheer for you guys this year - I'll be Nephew sitting for part of the weekend as an enabler, and then wandering off to the Redskins game on Sunday afternoon. The weather is perfect, though! :)

John C.

Greykell! said...

Everyone knows Greykell? No WONDER I have so many wonderful friends!!

Meanwhile to John C. They also serve who nephew sit. Without you, we wouldn't have had Cate. Good on you.

Leta, it was AMAZING how great it felt to have one of "our" volunteers at lunch and dinner on Friday. I'm gonna try and get a bigger volunteer contingent attached to Team Greykell for next year. You ROCK!


Anonymous said...