25 June 2007

It's time

I've got a couple of auditions this week and it's a good thing. I'm getting that itchy feeling in my palms that means that I need to go read for people.

It's sort of like Snoopy's stomach clock. I guess I've been sleeping on top of the doghouse long enough.

Unless no one casts me, in which case it's more like Charlie Brown and the kite. Or Charlie Brown and the football.

At least it's not like Linus and the Great Pumpkin. Let's be grateful for that.


Aeonta said...

Break a leg with the auditions- I like the stomach clock analogy. :)

Maureen said...

A few years ago I might have thought you were crazy to be itching to audition. Now I'm jealous - no auditions for me until it's time to start looking for a show that runs in February or later.

Knock 'em dead, and let us know when your next show is so we can come cheer for you.