28 June 2007

Reading Plants

I really enjoy Ketzel Levine's stories on NPR and now they're hosting a blog that she's writing about plants. Clearly - and no surprise - she is more informal in a blog setting than on the air. My favorite paragraph from the first Talking Plants post:

I am no Pollyanna poster child for emotional equanimity. (Click here for the TP list of Preferred Pharmaceuticals. OK, I was kidding. Stop clicking.) But don't let a lifetime of anti-depressants fool you. I am a gardener. Are you a gardener? Gardeners do not put plants in the ground in the hopes that they will suffer and perish. Gardeners plant to see tomorrow.
So it looks like I have another to add to the blog roll.

Thanks to David for the formatting assist.

1 comment:

Maureen said...

Just bookmarked Talking Plants; thanks for the referral. I doubt I'll ever be more than a garden putterer (at least not while I still have a day job), but Ms. Levine hit the nail on the head with her comments about hope.