20 February 2008


Long years ago I worked in an office just scant blocks from the office where I work now. One day, one of my co-workers was telling a story about this guy and she said "he was so white" and, turning to me, "whiter than you, even, Leta."*

Which was my big clue that I am a Very White Person.

Or, rather, that everyone else also knows that I am a very white person. I mean, I like Gilbert and Sullivan; movies with Hugh Grant in them; the writings of Dorothy Sayers; PopTarts; NPR; and VWs. I'm an Episcopalian, for Pete's sake. So it's not like I thought that I had a lot of street cred or anything.**

And finally, there is a website for me and to explain me to others: Stuff White People Like.

I am also thinking that learning about my Very White Brethren and Sistren will be easier than learning about Facebook.

via Arjewtino.

*And the person who said the thing quoted above? A very nice white lady who lived in Takoma Park; had a different last name than her husband and child; a PhD in a "soft science" with a helping-the-poor-and-downtrodden emphasis; and who liked to dress in dashikis and other African clothing. Pot? Hi, it's Kettle. You're white.

**A phrase that, having been used by me in a blog post, is officially passé.

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Hjalti said...

Ooo, my whitey sense is tingling. We're with you sister.