15 February 2008

Comments after seeing "Hedda Gabbler"

"I have a terrific life." - Lorraine
"I have a great boyfriend." - Leta
"I am a good person." - Susan

This is going to be my "make your Sig O look better in comparison" theater weekend. For Valentine's Day, David and I took in Ibsen's cheerful little domestic adventure, tonight Erin and I are seeing a student King Lear, and tomorrow Erin and I are off to Manassas for Patrick Marber's Closer. Remember the movie with Julie Roberts and Clive Owen? Well, the play it's based on is even sweeter and more disarming. Pity that Les Liaisons Dangereuses isn't playing in the area right now because that would be the perfect capper.


Anonymous said...

We could rent Star 80.

tommyspoon said...

Now THERE's a pick me up!

Michael Clark said...

Closer will be at the Waddell Theater, at the Nova-Loudoun campus in Sterling, not in Manassas. Have a great time!

Aquazoo said...

Not to be confuse with Trent Reznor's "Closer."