15 April 2008

Introverts and Extroverts

An observation I keep making over and over to myself. And to others. Because a) I'm an extrovert; and b) apparently I really don't believe in having an unexpressed thought.

Statistics indicate that most Americans are extroverts.* The problem for many introverts is that introverts treat extroverts the way that extroverts treat people that they don't like. And that extroverts bond by hanging out and talking about how rude and unfriendly those introverts are.

Thanks and a big, smoochy extrovert kiss to Andy for his recent post that reminded me of this really deep thought of mine.

*Americans, the Golden Retrievers of planet Earth.

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Maureen said...

I'm a card-carrying introvert who's learned to do a good imitation of an extravert. I once had to explain to a true extravert whose mentor was more introverted than I am that no, you aren't bothering him when you ask questions. It's just that, as an introvert, he wouldn't dream of imposing on you by offering help or advice unasked. She found this a revelation, and I'm not sure she completely believed me. :D