07 April 2008

Perhaps we should send a card

NPR tells us that DARPA is turning 50 this week.

My company has a contract or two with DARPA, so we're considering a tasteful bouquet. And maybe some chocolates.

Of course, as one of the tech staff pointed out: We would only want to do that if there was a low probability of success for getting the card out the door, and a high payoff if we did happen to succeed in getting the card to them.

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Anonymous said...

Of course, since you are doing business with DARPA, you would have to make sure that the value of the gift was less than $20. 5 CFR 2635.204(a). Although if the bouquet was over $20 in value, and not practical to return (because it's perishable, etc) then the office supervisor may permit it to be shared within the recipient office. 5 CFR 2635.205(a)(2).

Chocolates, of course, should be sent directly to me.

The ethics guy ...