29 July 2008

Ann's daughter

As I was helping Mom move from Independent Living to Very Assisted Living I spent more time wandering around the community where she lives without having her with me. I had noticed over the years that people knew that I'm "Ann's daughter" -- we look very much alike, it's not that great a logical leap -- but I hadn't realized how throughly until they would stop me in the halls every other day or so and ask about her.

I told her at dinner the other night that it was a darn good thing that she had raised me to have a decent set of manners because had I been a rude, obnoxious daughter, everyone would have known exactly who had fallen down on the job.


Alice said...

The woman known for her goodnight speech (you know, "Thankyouverymuch,I'vehadawonderfultime, wereallymustgettogetheranddothisagainsometime"), even to Skraelings, isn't one that I'd worry about having decent enough manners.

Sometime, I need your advice on shopping for dependent living in your area - like Reston.

Bill said...

Yea, right, real good manners. Like making rude observations about Hostess snack foods while people are in mid-bite. ;-)