13 July 2008

How to support local farmers

1. On your way home from an event out River Road stop at the little farm stand on the north-bound (west-bound?) side.

2. Pick out three nice peaches; three small, pretty plums; and a nice tomato.

3. Decide against adding some sunflowers to your purchase because there are already some very pretty flowers in the kitchen from Bridget and Michael from opening night.

4. Pay the man the $3.23. Give him exact change for the last three cents.

5. Drive home and realize about five blocks short of getting there that you've left your produce behind.

6. Hope that the guy running the farm stand was able to resell those items so that at least someone got some good out of your mistake. Well, someone in addition to the Farm Stand Guy...

7. Sigh.

It's not the $3.23 I'm so sorry about - it's the Maryland-grown, nicely ripe, just ready to eat summer treats I'm regreting.


1 comment:

Maureen said...

mmmm - local peaches! Yeah, how rotten that you forgot them, but I guarantee you aren't the first person to do that.

I've got plenty (I got a bit crazy Saturday, buying for the annual birthday pie). If we get to the show this weekend, I'll bring you a few.