05 November 2008

Dear Building Management

Dear Building Management ~

Thank you for the new "Water Management" showerhead which I found installed when I got home today. It's very pretty with all that shiny chrome.

It's also a "low-flow" showerhead, of course. "20 GMP Max" according to the showerhead. So I am writing this note to clear up your possible puzzlement about the upcoming increase in my water usage. I have pretty thick hair and a low-flow showerhead really doesn't get shampoo out of it in any kind of timely fashion and I find that my only solution is to just stay under the damn thing for however long it takes, so my showers will be getting longer.


Leta the Tenant

Dear Rest of the World ~

If you have any ideas how I can crack this puppy open and remove whatever blocks the flow of water or reduces the water pressure or whatever, I'd be interested to hear it.

Leta teh pruney

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Maureen said...

Lordy, sounds like the kinda water "pressure" you find in retrofitted bathrooms in British B&Bs. One friend of mine described the water pressure of the showerhead in her place as more a "drool" than a flow. Her hair's finer but much longer, so she had the same problem you do, of needing an hour or two to rinse out all the shampoo.