19 November 2008

Why I'm not in management

Unless these are secretly tactics that the Wharton School endorses...

1. A discussion with my Boss about some people who by not having done something are holding up other portions of the project:

Me: We need to bring back some kind of vicious, painful, and humiliating form of revenge. But only against other people. Not me. I cry.

My Boss now tells me that added to his goals for the week is to make me cry.

2. In an e-mail when the WATCH tabulator asked me how I manage to get such good compliance on ballots:

Me: It's a combination of flirting, cajoling, nagging, and begging. The same way I get cast in shows, actually.


Maureen said...

Oh, is that how one gets cast? Silly me, going to all that bother of auditioning. Or did you mean that's how you get cast? Not that flirting and such would work for me; I'm not very good at that. Do you offer lessons? ;-)

gary said...

Oh Leta...I think your management would be awesome!