18 February 2010

I am so deep

The thoughts that went through my head - in order - when a doctor's office told me that there was a problem with one of my routine tests:

1. I guess David would be willing to take Pekoe if ...

2. Huh. Does this mean I can stop contributing to my 401(k)?

3. Screw that gluten-free diet.

Luckily for David, Pekoe, my 401(k), and the manufacturers of the gluten-free products I buy, the specialist to whom I was referred declared the area in question "extremely normal."


Maureen said...

Hurray for "normal" test results!!! With one mom having gotten bad results and the other waiting for results and hoping for "normal", I completely appreciate "normal"!

Anonymous said...

So glad....and we would have taken Pekoe, if it came to that. We got our 28 pound cat in a similar way, and our 5 pound cat also. And you could have used your 401(k) to go to Bali. Gwyn