03 February 2010

Me, too!

Life & Theater

Driving home from Peppermint Creek's "The Seafarers" last night, I got to thinking about my taste in theater, which admittedly at this point is pretty broad. I was tickled with a metaphor.

My taste in theater is much like what I want out of life:
  • Heavy doses of comedy to fill the days with laughter
  • Plenty of drama to challenge me, make me think, help me grow, and help me form healthier relationships with others
  • Strong dashes of absurdity to keep me on my feet
  • Small bits of the familiar to comfort me
  • A vast majority of new experiences to expand my horizons
  • Relevant stories that give me something to share with those around me
  • Lots of song and dance to celebrate it all


Anonymous said...

And all of those are in the Astaire-Rogers film, "Swing Time". Sigh....Love and cookies, my dear. Gwyn

Anonymous said...

Hey, cool spam comment!

Maureen said...

Wonder if it's the same Chinese hacker who hit Google...