30 December 2010


Voiceover in the Barilla pasta ad:  "I believe that wheat is a gift from God."
Me to David: "I don't."*

*Although I do like to describe many, many things by quoting Phyllis_Schlafly's opinion of (no kidding) nuclear weapons:  A wonderful gift from a wise and loving God.


Anonymous said...

Chicago David would say something about Barilla being the pasta they serve on the road to hell, as well. Happy New Year, my sweet! May it be filled with expensive liquor and expensive jewelery from handsome men with no good intentions whatsoever. Gwyn

Anonymous said...

Phyllis Schlafly's comment reminds me of the title of a Paul Fussel essey titled "Thank God for the Atoic Bomb." Of course his opinion is deeply colored by the fact that he was in a unit scheduled to invade Japan. Argualy, a kind a loving God would not have made us capable of the evil of war.

scotte said...

Himself would say it was the red sauce; pasta is optional.