28 January 2011

The Dress

Much-more-consistent-blogger-than-Leta, Quinn, has written two posts recently on what women wear they to big Hollywood award shows and why fortheluvvagahd they wore that:  Dark Globe and I'm a Barbie Girl in a Barbie World.  Much fun -- go read them.

And, of course, the nominations for the WATCH awards were announced a couple of weeks back. As we were standing decorously to the side after we'd read our share, Sue leaned over to me and said, "But more importantly -- have you bought The Dress?"

I haven't yet.  And I'm trying to decide if I should recycle one of the ones I've worn before or get a new one. ....  Dither .... Dither .... Yeah, I'll probably get a new one.

I don't have the many various requirements that ambitious starlets do when choosing a dress, fortunately, so I was able to list my requirements in a comment on Quinn's second post:

1. I must look fabulous enough that strangers stop me to compliment the dress (This actually has happened. Made my lifetime.).

2. In order to look that fabulous while standing on a stage for three hours the dress must not be painful in any way.

3. I must be able to buy the dress at Loehmann's for not much money in about a half hour on my way to rehearsal for whatever show I am in that time.

The fact that I -- a non-fabulous, middle-aged woman -- achieve these goals most years is an annual miracle.


Maureen said...

I've got a very glam ballgown - iridescent copper - you're welcome to borrow if it's not too big or too short. I'd even lend you the fab jewelry that looks smashing with it.

Maureen said...

Oh, and I would argue w/ your description of yourself as "non-fabulous". You are most certainly a fabulous person!