23 June 2011

Fair Warning

People from my past find and friend me on Facebook with a certain regularity.*  The farther back they are from the  more I think that the "about me" should be changed from "Leta spends a lot of time in theaters" to the equally accurate but more "full disclosure"-like "If you thought I was nice but weird back then, well, I still am. Sure, I cover the weird better, but time doesn't make us different, just more thoroughly ourselves.  Weird has had quite a while to settle in and get comfy."

* Which is fantastic.  When it happens, I tend to spend a whole bunch of time just saying "Wow ... [name]. Wow ..." and looking at their profile to see what's new with them.**

** And the very best "from the past" friending I got was a college boy friend.  There was a time when that wouldn't have been possible, so finding out that he no longer disliked me made me very happy indeed. 

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