06 April 2012


Charlie's before-the-dinner blessing in Act II of August: Osage County always warms my heart.  There are a couple of points where I look up at Randall, who is playing Charlie and just smile.

But then I have a bit of a crush on Uncle Charlie.  So does Ivy.

(Uncle Charlie reminds me of my Uncle Bill.  I had a crush on him, too.)

Charlie:  Dear Lord ...

We ask that you watch over this family in this sad time, O Lord ... that you bless this good woman and keep her in your, in your ... grace.

We ask that you watch over Beverly, too, as he, as he ... as he, as he, as he makes his journey.*

We thank thee, O Lord, that we are able to join together to pay tribute to this fine man, in his house, with his beautiful family, his three beautiful daughters.  We are truly blessed in our, our fellowship, our togetherness, our ... fellowship.

Thank thee for the food, O Lord, that we can share this food and replenish our bodies with ... with nourishment. We ask that you help us ... get better.  Be better.  Be better people.  We recognize, now more than ever, the power, the, the ... joy of family.  And we ask that you bless and watch over this family.  Amen.

*Yes, he really says "as he" five times.  I've got him beat, though.  Ivy says "Charles and I" six times in a row in my last scene in Act III.

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