20 April 2010

Because I relate everything to theater anyway

At Bridget's grandmother's funeral, I told her something that had occurred to me during the mass.  And I don't know what it says about either of us that we both found it both comforting and rather cheering.

"When your grandmother passed away, her show closed. And this is the closing night party where we talk about what a great show it was."

The devil you know

At the read-thru for Stone Soup last night I noticed one of the cast - one of the ones who had worked with me before - looking at my oddly.

"You're remembering what a ding-a-ling I can be, aren't you?" I asked.

His lips said "no, no," but his eyes were definitely saying "yes, yes."

15 April 2010

I'll see you and raise you

Me: I got two paper cuts doing that mailing. I'm going to file for Workers' Comp.
My Boss: Paper cuts, huh? That sounds self-inflicted to me. We'll put you on report.
Me: Fine. I'll see your self-inflicted wound and raise you a hostile work environment.
My boss: Oh, really? Then we can make this a very hostile environment for you.

It's not for nothing that I studied the fine art of Retaliation & Escalation under Brett. But it seems that my Boss may have taken a similar curriculum.

13 April 2010

What he doesn't understand

It's not that David isn't entitled to half of his own bed when I stay over, it's that my half happens to be in the center.

11 April 2010

Jeepers Creepers

At brunch this morning, I kept staring at the guy at the next table. Sure, he was pretty cute, but that wasn't what drew my eye to him over and over.

I whispered to Malinda that the guy at the next table was probably noticing that I was staring, but check out those glasses! As if on cue, he looked directly at me, smiled, and wiggled his glasses at me.

Clearly, I wasn't the first. I doubt I'll be the last.

01 April 2010

In a nutshell

But that was a very, very long time ago and I'd like to tell you that I'm better but all I am is older.

Quinn Cummings

Clearly, I have been abducted by aliens

Or eaten by bears. Or something.

I saw 4 plays in March. 4. I normally see about 10 plays each month.

Yeah, last March I saw 5 plays, but I was in a show that opened on the 20th, so those last two weekends didn't lend themselves to me seeing other plays. We also had rehearsals most Friday nights and every Sunday.

I was so surprised at that 4 that I looked back over the past year.* Between March 2009 and February 2010, I saw 121 plays:

February 2010 - 8
January - 8
December 2009 - 6
November - 16
October - 9
September - 9
August - 12
July - 9
June - 13
May - 13
April - 13
March 5

*Yes. I keep track of what plays I see. Of course I do.