29 August 2004

My AIM is true

I admit it. I love AIM. Not for it's instant message capabilty, because IMs can be as irritating as someone else's inescapable cell phone conversation in an elevantor, but for it's hangin' with the peeps aspect. I love signing on to AOL and having my buddy list pop up and show me who is on line. It's like we're all in the same bar or coffee shop or what-have-you, each at our own table. No need to interact, just smile and nod and keep on with our own stuff.

Right now on my buddy list I can see Dave, KyeWon, Sally, Sandy, and Steve. Jill and Josh stopped in and out earlier. Do I need to talk to any of them right now? You know, at 1:25 in the morning? No, not really. No burning questions, no need to share. (Except maybe to ask Sal how her show is going, but I'll save that for an e-mail.)

And I don't always hate IMs. Just when they interrupt my train of thought when I'm trying to get something done. I'm way too social not to enjoy having someone want to say a friendly "Hi" now and then.

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