29 August 2004

It's a Blogging World

So a week ago I knew that David and Jay had blogs. And Jonathan.

Well, as it turns out, Bloggy Goodness is much more pervasive than I thought. There's Ira's new blog and Deb's couple of months old blog. We're a sharing people!

When someone tells me about their blog, I tell them about mine, because I figure that doesn't violate my "this should be organic" constraint. When I figure out how to do it, I'll start including links to the inchoate ravings of my buds. I, of course, do not have inchoate ravings. I have logorrheic excesses. Completely different.

And I've decided to follow David's blog model in at least two, no, three respects.

1. In an attempt to allow my friends some measure of privacy, I'm using first names only, unless there's a pressing need for first and last. This will be interesting, as in a fit of pique a few weeks ago I announced loudly that the David I am dating is now the only David I know. There are far too many men named David in my world and I have starting to referring to all the non-boyfriend ones by nicknames, last names, what-have-you. And some of those nicknames, being, for reasons of tact, unknown to their owners, could end up biting me on the butt. Well, Gentle Reader, we'll just work this out somehow, or I'll have to be the kind of person who discusses ideas instead of people. Yeah, right, wait for that one.

2. I ain't writing nothing can't be read in open court. The universe is much smaller than we realize and six degrees may be overstating things these days. And I'm a little paranoid.

3. No navel-gazing. Or at least minimal amounts of what an objective person would call navel-gazing.


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

No navel-gazing? Then what's the point of a blog, I ask you!? (Speaking as someone whose blog started as a not-meant-to-be-read-by-other-humans exercise :) )