19 July 2005

Attention all English majors ---

Today's "must read" post:


Just drop whatever you are doing and surf on over. (I don't know how Mary does permalinks, but it's today's post is entitled "You Are Parties.") I, of course, left a comment with my own relevant anecdote.

We've all been there. We'll all understand. And she will feel our understanding and be comforted.


mary ann said...


The entry is here

Casey Jones said...

If you think that's bad (and it is); feel your head explode at www.engrish.com. Beautiful.

Liza said...

Irene's Possessive Pupusas!

That may be our favorite sign. It is, hands down, the sign that comes up most frequently in conversation in our house, and we still refer to it often, even though neither of us has lived anywhere near University & Georgia in years.

I am also a big fan of the "Slow Children" sign, but I don't think Jill finds it as funny as I do.

Liza said...

Leta, Leta, where are you? We miss you! :)

Stacey said...

Well, she still lives. I've signed a nondisclosure statement that prevents me from telling you any more than that. Once Pekoe releases me from that obligation, and releases Leta from her imprisonment, I'll reveal all.