09 July 2005

Let them entertain you

I don't get out to Leesburg and Manassas very often because, well, my calendar is still seven colors. (I'm now looking back fondly on the carefree, innocent days of the five-color calendar...) Anyway, there is a growing theater community out there these days, so at some point I'm going to have to make the trek and see some stuff. Folks I like to watch on stage are making it too inviting not to.

Unfortunately, on the next oppotunity for a long-ish drive and some good theater, David and I will be out of town. But if I can't go, then local members of the Devoted Readership might want to consider a trip because this particular opportunity to drive-and-watch comes with a good cause.

Kat sent an e-mail around announcing Broadway Lights the Night - the first annual (if it succeeds) fundraiser for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. Some really first-rate performers will be working very hard to raise lots and lots of dollars in the fight against a pretty brutal disease. So, please, go if you can and give if you can't. I'll be donating in lieu of attending, but I wish I could be there; it promises to be a heck of a good evening.

And I'm keeping my calendar open for Broadway Lights the Night 2006. Of course, by then the wretched thing will probably be in 12 colors.


Stan Harding said...

That looks nice! And I do hope you enjoy dredging up forgotten bits of my past!

signed, 'went to high school with Nano Gowland and his sisters'

Leta said...

Well, that's pretty much why I started this blog - just to parade your youth before you. We *must* have a nice, long chat sometime!