07 July 2005

A great use for a blog

If something goes wrong in your area, post a quick "I'm okay" note. I have friends visiting London right now and I'd like to be able to stop vaguely worrying about them.

And if you're in an area that is constantly "wrong" (i.e., your civilian friends back home think it's dangerous) take lots of silly internet quizzes so that you'll have something to post on days when not enough happened that's post-worthy.

George III's blog post for July 4, 1776 "Nothing of any importance happened today."


Liza said...

What a great use for the Silly Internet Quiz! I'm going to pass your blog suggestion along to my cousin and cousin-in-law who are about to leave for a Foreign Service tour in Iraq.

Brett said...

Not in London, all is well with us. Hope your friends are ok, but I am sure they are.