09 May 2006

Some people are just so needy

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, Jeff.

And Josh.


Jeff Breslow said...

What can I say -- it's the perfect gift for the person who has everything and wants more! :)

David Gorsline said...

You've discovered the Blogger font size controls, I see.

Liza said...

I wanted to comment on the Tablework post, but blogger won't let me.

As the spouse of an actor, I *love* tablework. In fact, I hate it when Jill is in a tiny role that doesn't lend itself to much interesting discussion of that nature. Ok, granted, I don't get to have those conversations with the whole cast, but it's the most interesting thing about theater, IMO.

AND we just found out that Lee Blessing is going to be one of the featured speakers at my Reed reunion this year. Too bad we can't go. :(