18 May 2006

Understanding my calendar

Bob, an old medievalist pal, wrote this for Clam Chowder and it gets stuck in my head whenever my schedule gets too full.

The Harried Leisure Class
© Bob Esty and Clam Chowder

(With, sigh, my apologies for any transpositions, paraphasing, or other errors. I'm typing this at my desk during lunch, whaddaya want from me?)

We run about from place to place as if we're on a quest,
So occupied with having fun that we've no time to rest.
There's lots of things to do and see and we must get there fast
for we have no time to waste in the harried leisure class.

Our parents sat upon the porch and watched how life went by,
but we are much busy for there is so much to try.
We spend our weeknights getting set for our big weekend blast -
And sleep at work next day in the harried leisure class.

So much there is to do and see there simply is no way -
We're so tired out from running about I'd scarcely call it play.
We'll die before we're forty 'cause our bodies just can't last -
But we'll cram in a lot of fun in the harried leisure class!


Anonymous said...

Excellent! I was just thinking about this song the other day, since my life is run more or less at that speed.

Thankfully, I didn't die before I was 40 though. *whew*

Now, if I could just dredge up an old recording or two of CC ... are they still performing? I thought I saw that a group going by that name performing at some Con or other, but that was just 'net surfing so I'm not sure.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I believe it was "And sleep it off at work next day ... " but that's just 20 years later recollection, so I could be mistaken

scotte said...

Chowder is back performing - as a matter of fact, they performed at the Maryland Faerie Festival today. There is a slightly different lineup. Bob, Kathy and John are joined by Cliff Laufer (of CliffArt fame :) playing and singing bass.

Hjalti said...

I haven't thought of that tune in ages. It does strike close to home. I still have the album down in the basement somewhere. What ever happened to Don?