30 December 2006

Anton in Show Business

In response to urgent questioning of the masses:

I'm appearing as Casey in Jane Martin's Anton in Show Business at Port City Playhouse. We have performances January 19 - February 3, with an "actor night" on Tuesday, January 30.

The show satirizes the conflict between art and commerce in theater and is lots of fun.

Y'all come!


Maureen said...

What's "actor night"? Not that I'll be able to come though; that's a rehearsal night.

Not sure which night I'll attend, but I will attend.

Leta said...

I call any off-night performances "actor night" because that's when folks go to see their friends who are in shows that are up at the same time. Port City's is always a Tuesday halfway through the run, Elden Streets is a Thursday or a Sunday night. Of course, Thursdays almost can't count as actor nights because most folks have pick ups then.