07 December 2006


When I created my Technorati profile, I was asked for some ways to describe myself. So I listed a few, but I'm allowed up to 20 tags and I've used 8 and maybe those 8 create an inaccurate picture. So, readers, if you were to chose some tags for me, what would they be?

The hard parts are going to be: 1.) figuring out how to add more tags; and 2.) explaining how I failed to include "Flibbertigibbet," "Gilbert and Sullivan," or "Savoynet" in my tags. Any good advice on how to crack that tag list back open? By which I mean advice in simple language that a humanities major can understand. Because I'm still all excited about learning repeating until memorized the html code for striking through, so we know that I am no internet genius.

I think that what we are seeing here is the downside to blogging, template updating, and profile creating during lunch. Post in haste, repost at leisure? Sigh.


Anonymous said...

In Technorati, to edit your blog, go to your account by clicking your screen name once you login, then you'll see a section for Your Blogs. Click Configure. That gets you to the screen where you can add tags. Then save.

Brett said...

For extra tags addlepated is popular as is hamsterheaded. These show you are down with the kids of today.

Leta said...

Thank you, Shelly!

And, uhm, thanks, Brett.