30 December 2006

The things I carry

Leta's purse I don't actually keep a cup of coffee in my purse - or my foot for that matter - but when I did what I call a "core dump" the other day, David took a picture of the stuff that I consider essential for daily life. I could still weed out a bunch of that and get through the day, but the reason I carry as small a purse as I do is because of my tendency to fill it to capacity whatever size it is. Whenever it won't close, it's time for another dump-n-ditch. The one thing missing is a script - I usually have one with me, but Chuck gave me mine in a binder which won't fit in my purse.

Years ago, Leslie, Naomi, and I wandered around San Francisco and by the end of the day my left shoulder was aching. I figured out quickly that the reason was the eight-pound textbook hidden in the much larger purse I carried back then. My current purse - and all its contents - weighs just under four pounds.

When we went to one of the Smithsonian museums recently, the guard was impressed with how orderly and efficient my purse was and asked if I could teach his wife my purse management system.


Maureen said...

Everything in that photo makes sense to me except the passport. Planning to take it on the lam anytime soon?

I find that the organization of my purse is hugely affected by the purse itself - the more pockets or compartments it has for little things like pens and nail clippers, the better off I am. And like you, I find that the smaller the purse, the less I haul around, though it absolutely must be big enough to accommodate at least a mass-market, if not a trade, paperback book in addition to wallet, asthma inhaler, etc.

Leta said...

Oh, the passport is only there because it hasn't made it back to my desk yet, but it seemed, I dunno, dishonest to keep it out of the picture.

On the other hand, if you want to have dinner in Quebec while TW is deployed, I'm clearly ready at a moment's notice.

Maureen said...

I'm afraid Quebec will have to wait until he gets back (next summer's vacation plans). But perhaps Toronto - tons of great ethnic restaurants there.