09 April 2007

I'd put these on my car

The lovely Stacey called me the other day and left a message saying that she was stuck in traffic and that the car ahead of her had two bumper stickers that she knew I'd enjoy:

Will quote Shakespeare for food.


Theater is in my blood - which I have to sell to pay the rent.

She was so right because I smiled at them as I typed them out just now.


Casey Jones said...

One of my favorite bumper stickers was spotted on the drive to my friend's bachelor party.

On the car ahead of us was the following: "Celibacy-- The choice of a generation"

I turned, looked at Bill, pointed it out and said, "I guess they want to be the last generation."

... It was funny in person.

Maureen said...

Love 'em! Good thing I don't have to sell my blood to pay the rent, though; the Red Cross won't take it. Lucky for me, my day job is actually interesting, in addition to paying enough to support my theater habit.

Anonymous said...

Casey Jones: That's why there are so many Shakers around. --Simon